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Jennifer Burch Receives Excellence in Government Relations Award From The NC Retail Merchants Association

RALEIGH, NC (April 22, 2024) –  Jennifer Burch of Durham was recently recognized as the 2024 recipient of the Luther T. Moore Excellence in Government Relations Award. Burch received the honor from the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) during the Annual Retailer of the Year awards dinner at Proximity Hotel in Greensboro on April 18th.

The core mission of NCRMA is to represent the interests of the retail industry before the North Carolina General Assembly and to lend a hand in advocating at the federal and local level. The Luther T. Moore Excellence in Government Relations Award is presented in recognition of someone who goes the extra mile towards helping NCRMA achieve these legislative goals.

Jennifer L. Burch, PharmD, CDE, CPP is a practicing pharmacist and owner/operator of Central Pharmacy and Central Compounding Center in Durham.

Central Pharmacy, a traditional pharmacy practice started in 1981, and Central Compounding Center, which opened in 2001, a compounding only pharmacy providing customized medications, were both owned by Burch’s parents, Bill and Helen Burch. Before their retirement, Burch’s father worked as a pharmacist and her mother was the business manager. Burch’s brother, David, also spent time working in the business as a compounding pharmacy tech. Burch eventually purchased the businesses from her parents.

Burch received her Doctor of Pharmacy from Campbell University School of Pharmacy in 1993 and then, having been born and raised in Durham, returned there to work at the family pharmacy. Burch credits her parents with giving her a strong work ethic from the start, having worked in the pharmacy for as long as she can remember.

As owner and operator of the pharmacy and compounding center, there is little not included in Burch’s job description. She manages day-to-day operations at Central Compounding Center where both non-sterile and sterile medications are compounded as well as overseeing operations at Central Pharmacy.

“My parents gave me insight to see what things needed to be done instead of waiting for someone to ask. They taught me that just because you were the owner of the business that you were not too important to sweep the front sidewalk,” Burch said.

That attitude of “getting things done instead of waiting for someone to ask” has made Burch a tremendous help to NCRMA when she is called on to help with legislative issues.

Burch has become one of NCRMA’s most valued resources on the practical implications of legislation on pharmacy operations. And she doesn’t just tilt at windmills. Burch shows up at the General Assembly to meet with legislators, and she also calls them, to provide a reasonable and understandable explanation of how legislation will affect her pharmacy business.

“I have always relied on Jennifer for providing valuable information on legislation affecting pharmacy and healthcare.” State Senator Mike Woodard. “In our discussions, she has always been straightforward and practical and maybe, most importantly, she has a gift for explaining complicated subject matters in a way that is easily understood.”

State Representative Wayne Sasser agreed, “As a fellow pharmacist it is so important that we stay active in what is happening politically and at the legislature both for our profession and for the benefit of the people of North Carolina. People like Jennifer Burch are trusted allies in important policy discussions.”

Burch is also driven by her focus on health care access. Specifically, how can access can be expanded to care for people outside of the traditional medical setting.

“ Dr. Burch has been a true leader, in her community and in the state, for serving people. She has served multiple generations of families and is a trusted source of health for those families,” said Dr. Elizabeth Tilson, State Health Director and Chief Medical Officer of North Carolina. “Her support and championing of pharmacist-initiated contraception is just one example of her dedication to serve the holistic needs of people and be part of a connected system of care.”

Durham Mayor Leonardo Williams also recognized Burch’s commitment to access, “ Jennifer has long been a champion in Durham for better access to healthcare and the care Jennifer and her team at Central Pharmacy provide our community is very important to the well-being of our citizens.”

Burch served, or currently serves, with several organizations including the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists Board of Directors and various committees, the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Board of Directors and various communities and she is a past president of the Durham-Orange Pharmaceutical Association.

Most important to NCRMA, Burch has been a valued member of the association for nearly 20 years. She currently serves on the NCRMA Executive Committee and Board of Directors, both of which she has previously chaired.

“Jennifer’s unwavering dedication to both association work and legislative advocacy has not only propelled our association forward but has also paved the way for positive change in our community,” said Mike James, pharmacist-owner of PSP Pharmacy and past NCRMA board chair.

“NCRMA is grateful for Jennifer’s willingness to be our counsel on pharmacy issues, when necessary, and be an advocate when asked,” said NCRMA President and General Counsel Andy Ellen. “Jennifer has always been a strong proponent of NCRMA and a valued contributor to the NCRMA Government Relations team and we appreciate her willingness to always step up and step in when needed.”


About the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association (NCRMA) is a nonprofit trade association organized in 1902 to improve the business climate for retailers in North Carolina. Over 100 years later, NCRMA remains the voice of the retail industry for North Carolina. NCRMA represents the interests of individual merchants before the General Assembly and serves as a vital link to state government. Its credibility lies in its longevity and commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of its members. The Association’s membership includes more than 25,000 stores from across the state whose business represents 75 percent of North Carolina’s retail sales volume.  NCRMA serves both large and small retailers from multi-state chains to local “mom and pops” and all types of merchants including antique, apparel, art, automotive, book, carpet, department, drug, electronics, floral, furniture, grocery, hardware, jewelry, paint and variety stores. For more information, visit

In 2017, NCRMA established Luther T. Moore Excellence in Government Relations Award in honor of longtime member, board member and past chairman Luther Moore who spent 44 years working at Belk Store Services.


Pictured with Dr. Jennifer Burch, center, are past award winners (L-R) Dr. Mike James, PSP Pharmacy; Bo Biggs, K.M. Biggs, Inc.; Luther Moore, Belk (retired); Teross Young, Ahold Delhaize USA; and NCRMA President and General Counsel, Andy Ellen.

Ann Edmondson
Author: Ann Edmondson

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