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NCRMA Membership

No one knows North Carolina’s retail industry like NCRMA!

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association has grown to be the go-to source when our members are facing an issue. Not only are we dedicated to our members’ success, we are also working hard every day to ensure that North Carolina is one of the best places in the United States to do business. Retailers benefit when they join NCRMA!

Are YOU...

Frustrated that there are not more small business resources for owners?

NCRMA provides members access to information on trends, surveys, reports, etc. to help you plan your business strategy.

NCRMA offers educational webinars, quarterly seminars, and a monthly newsletter to keep you current on store operations and marketing practices.

Feeling like you’re not at the top of your game?

NCRMA  offers access to affordable Workers’ Comp Insurance and more than 10 additional services to operate and manage a successful business. All member services are vetted by our professional staff and trusted by our membership.

Disconnected from how North Carolina’s laws affect your business?

NCRMA offers advocacy and legislative representation specific to concerns of retailer owners and operators: tax reform, employee issues, compliance and regulatory education.

Some of the best pieces of legislation passed in recent years have come from suggestions from NCRMA members. We ask. We listen. We get results.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then NCRMA membership is right for you!

Who Are Our Members?

NCRMA members work in numerous areas and sectors of the retail industry.

Why Join NCRMA?

Legislative Representation

What’s important to you is important to us. When you join NCRMA you’re also hiring a full-time lobbying team.

Networking Opportunities

Expand and strengthen relationships with other industry leaders, share innovative ideas, and develop industry contacts.

Increased Profits & Savings

NCRMA has negotiated group-buying discounts to offer increased savings on products and services that retailers need in order to do business.

Immediate Answers

Get exclusive privilege to call on our legislative team any time to help you understand the ever-changing laws and regulations that impact your business. Help is also available through our resource library that offers myriad check lists, white papers, and other easy to use resources.

Strength in Numbers

You’ll join thousands of other retail businesses providing the strength to bring change. The larger we become, the more influence we can exert.

Subject Matter Experts

NCRMA’s professional staff is well-versed on all things retail and we have a deep bench with our trusted Allied Partners in the areas of finance, tax, employment law, employer relations, real estate, litigation and so much more!

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