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“What I’ve seen happen as a member of NCRMA is bigger than which way you vote (on having one voice for the retail industry, both chain and independent). I’ve seen communities become more reliant on each other, supportive of each other’s livelihoods, trying to take care of our families. North Carolina is a great place to be a business owner, and NCRMA is going to keep it that way.”

“We are a Merchandising and Buying Group made of independent retailers focused in appliances, furniture and consumer electronics. Being part of NCRMA has been a very rewarding experience; the staff is knowledgable on regulatory, federal and state issues that impact the retail industry and they communicate the ins and outs of these things in a very simple manner.”

“We have been using First Benefits Insurance Mutual, Inc. (FBI) for our workers’ compensation for over 10 years and we couldn’t be more pleased. We renew every year because of FBI’s great customer service, low rates and prompt administration of our injured worker’s claims.”

“I cover multiple states for McDonald’s and it’s important that I receive timely and relevant information that I can circulate throughout my company. NCRMA does that.” 

“NCRMA and its staff are professional, knowledgable and personable. They are our go-to source when we are facing a retail issue. They are problem solvers – you go to them with a problem and they find a solution – it’s that simple. I don’t know where we would be in North Carolina without them.”

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