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Find out how you can help North Carolina retailers and Shop NC…


North Carolina’s retailers’ commitment to their communities, where they live and operate, is strong and deep, and NCRMA encourages customers to ShopNC and visit brick and mortar stores, not only because of their excellent staff, superior customer service and the specialty products they provide, but also because North Carolina retailers give back to their communities, by keeping their money local.

We hope North Carolina consumers will support the local businesses that support what they care about in their community – their schools, their youth organizations, their Food Banks, and employing their neighbors. These are the brick and mortar stores, both independent and chain, who are engrained in every community across the state who, along with employing one out of every four North Carolinians and collecting the sales taxes that fund our roads and schools, also sponsor the little league team, high school band and school spirit night.

We invite you to learn more about some of our dedicated North Carolina retailers on NCRMA’s YouTube channel.

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